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AV Package - Car Launch

Be it in a show-room, at an exhibition showground or at a public event, a little technical production goes a long way to drawing customer interest.

This package has been designed to get the attention of customers and let them know that something exciting it happening.

Car Launch Images



Two 42" plasma screens will be provided. These are ideal for showing promotional videos or simply as a medium for presenting the manufacturer's logo.

A laptop is used to drive the images on these screens.



Blackout drapery is provided to create a non-descript backdrop behind the car, ensuring that the model on display is the main focus of your potential clients' attention. A total length of 50' is provided



A basic sound system is included for the purpose of background music, corporate video sound feed and announcements. The system includes
- 2 quality speakers
- CD player
- laptop connection
- corded microphone

Event Rigging


A ground support trilite truss system is provided. The general public associate trussing with important events that have substantial production which is useful for gaining their interest.

This rig is floor-standing and spans over the top of the car.



We provide an all-chrome lighting rig to illuminate the car. The powerful PAR cans we use will accentuate the detail of the model and draw more attention to it.



Support and Technicians

The most important aspect to any production is the quality of the people involved, and this package is no different. We provide:
- Site Visits
- Pre-event consultation
- Basic media compilation (slides and images)
- Onsite production manager
- One additional technician onsite


Total Fee: £850+VAT


Pricing and Details

We are delighted to be able to offer this package for a total fee of £850+VAT, under the following terms:
- at least three hours setup time available
- good venue access not involving flights of stairs
- parking provided
- booked at least two weeks prior to the event
- central London surcharge of £65+VAT

We are flexible with the above needs, but extra fees might apply - all of which will be discussed and quoted for prior to booking.