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AV Package - Awards Show

This package has been put together as a turnkey solution for medium-sized awards shows. The package presents a full sound system, excellent video, moving lights and a drape-based backdrop set.

AV Awards show



A large video projection screen will be provided along with all video playback equipment:
- 8' x 6' screen
- 5500 lumen Sanyo video projector
- Kramer switcher/scaler
- Media PC for video playback
- laptop for slides




The set will be drapery-based, meaning a large and impressive set that can be set up quickly. It will consist of starcloth with a trevera overlay. This is shown at the top of the page.

The addition of some LED battens gives a smooth colour wash that can be programmed to change for each nomination or section of the show.

A truss lectern will also be provided.




The sound will give high quality speech and music reinforcement, evenly distributed over the audience area. The system includes:
- 6 quality Thunder Ridge Speakers on stands
- CD player
- iPod connection
- Handheld radio mic
- 2 x lectern mics
- laptop connection



Lighting is key to an exciting and impressive production and this package includes:
- 8 LED battens for washing the set
- 4 moving lights for "sting" effects
- presenter illumination
- rigging as required (hanging points preferred)


Support and Technicians

The most important aspect to any production is the quality of the people involved, and this package is no different. We provide:
- Site Visits
- Pre-event consultation
- Basic media compilation (slides and images)
- Onsite production manager
- Two additional technicians onsite


Total Fee: £2250+VAT


Pricing and Details

We are delighted to be able to offer this package for a total fee of £2250+VAT, under the following terms:
- at least five hours set-up time available
- good access to the venue that does not include flights of stairs
- parking provided
- booked at least three weeks prior to the event
- central london surcharge of £65+VAT

We are flexible with the above needs, but extra fees might apply - all of which will be discussed and quoted for prior to booking.